Individual Counselling


Individual therapy provides you with a safe and confidential place to talk about personal experiences, thoughts, feelings or problems. Individuals who seek therapy may have experienced a situation that disrupts and/or impacts his/her/their thinking, mood, feelings or ability to relate to others. Or may seek support because they want a neutral and safe place to talk and work through general life experiences. Adults, youth, children and even therapists themselves seek therapy because, at times, we need somewhere we feel safe and supported. 


In therapy, I will help you understand your situation, teach strategies to express yourself, cope with a potentially stressful situation or help regulation emotions. I will also offer you tools to help you manage these difficult emotions and or negative thoughts and behaviours. 


Trauma-focused counselling


Trauma-informed and trauma-focused therapy support individuals in understanding how the traumatic experience impacted their mental, behavioural, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Individuals seek therapy to work on a specific trauma, an accumulation of trauma or to understand its connection to the present. The purpose of trauma-focused and informed therapy is to support you and offer skills in better understanding, coping with, processing emotions and memories tied to the traumatic experiences. Many individuals have a goal of creating a healthier and more adaptive meaning of the experiences that took place in his/her/their life. 


Here are a few specialties I offer:


  • Sexual abuse/assault

  • Incest trauma

  • Family trauma

  • Intergenerational trauma

  • Physical, emotional and psychological abuse

  • Cultural trauma

  • Accidents/natural disasters

  • Residential school

  • Being separated by parents


Multicultural counselling


As human beings, we all bring our own culture into every interaction. Whether it’s chatting with someone on the bus stop or navigating conflict with our spouse, it’s important to me to understand the cultural influences at play for all of my clients to help me understand the context around what you’re seeking support for in therapy. ​


I also enjoy working with clients seeking support specifically related to their cultural background and cross-cultural experiences. Here are a few multiculturally sensitive specialties I offer:


  • The struggle of acculturation 

  • First, 1.5, and 2nd generation immigrants

  • Being bi-cultural

  • Individuals who are more than one race or ethnicity

  • Marginalization related to culture

  • ​Racism (external and internalized)

  • Systemic marginalization

  • Double and triple minorities

  • Women’s issues



Please feel free to contact me to schedule a free 15-min phone consultation so we can get to know each other a little before scheduling a session.