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Join Our Team

Looking to join a team of like-minded practitioners?
We are looking for mental health professionals (social workers, registered psychotherapists etc) who can provide virtual services in Ontario. Email us now to inquire about possible opportunities!

Keyboard and Mouse

Triello Counselling Services provides direct psychotherapy and counselling to individuals with diverse mental health needs. We create an accessible space where individuals can access mental health services to achieve inner healing and discover their authentic selves. Our practice is exclusively virtual so that we can offer services to anyone across Ontario. 


We strive to maintain a client-centred and non-judgmental approach to helping individuals regain control in their lives and grow towards discovering their true selves and finding balance. We are true believers that therapy is not one-size-fits-all, that's why we take an integrative approach to mental health that utilizes evidence-based treatment modalities and prioritizes the needs of our clients.

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