Coping during the time of COVID-19:

COVID-19 may have increased your anxiety and stress. Suddenly, your life has DRASTICALLY CHANGED, and it feels surreal. The loss of control feels EXHAUSTING and overwhelming. 


During this time, it's normal to feel sad, fearful, confused and exhausted. It is also okay to feel uncertain about our emotions or even feel trapped in anxiety. 

Ways to Reduce Stress & Connect


BREATH: Breathing exercises can help reduce stress and anxiety in the moment.


MINDFULNESS: Take a moment to practice mindful thinking in any form that may be comfortable to you. 


GIVE SUPPORT TO SOMEONE: Offering support or checking-in with those you care about can help you feel validated in your own experience.


SEEK OUT SUPPORT: If you feel unsure how to cope or need someone to help you stay accountable or need support during this stress, contact a person you trust or a professional.


MOVE YOUR BODY: Exercising or stretching can help boost mood and can help decrease anxiety. Try some exercise videos on Youtube or going for a walk while social distancing.


JOURNAL: Writing out your thoughts, or feelings can help you begin to understand your own experience. 

Online Counselling

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Due to the precautions to prevent further spread of the COVID-19 virus, video and telephone counselling can be provided to support you during this time and can help reduce the anxiety and distress you are experiencing. 

Please contact me to inquire more about online counselling.